High-Quality Finishing Services

As a knowledgeable firm that deals with numerous finishing requirements, we are ideally placed to advise you on the sort of coating or treatment that will suit your project’s needs the most. Whether you require powder coating, plating or any other finish we can advise and arrange this to suit your needs.
When ordering laser-cut parts or asking us to fabricate something for you, having it professionally finished by the same expert team makes sense. We’re happy to work in any standard colour finishes and answer any specific questions you may have.

Check Out Our Zinc Plating Services

Alongside our very effective and smoothly processed paintwork and powder coating services, we can provide high-quality zinc plating, too. We offer several non-cyanide-based zinc plating solutions including bright zinc plate and de-embrittlement to name but two. Ideal for providing mild steel with an additional layer of protection from oxidisation, this service is also good as a paint primer.

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Professional Anodizing Services Offered, Too

If you would like your metalwork to be protected but are not so interested in the colours available from paint or powder coating, then cost-effective anodizing may be the service you will want. We have been providing expert anodizing finishing services for many years and can ensure that you get a truly professional job if you take this option. As a family business, we keep a close eye on all of our service provision including the professional management of all our anodizing project work.

Our Finishing Gallery

See below some images of our finishing sevices in action and some of our final products.

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