Our 200-Ton Capacity Metal Folding Machine

At Laser Patterns, we use Bystronic Xpert machinery to handle our metal folding and press braking orders. This has a 200-ton capacity that can deal with metal that is up to three metres in length.

This CNC-controlled hydraulic press brake is a stand-alone unit. The model we operate is extremely precise and allows us to streamline our customers’ orders so that we can provide extremely high levels of service – just like our other metal forming services.

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We Use Only The Best Machinery: Bystronic Xpert Pro 200/3000 & Bystronic Xpert 80

Our Process for Metal Folding and Press Braking

We can handle many different metal profiling requirements at Laser Patterns because we offer both laser cutting services and press braking under one roof. This is designed to reduce our clients’ expected lead times and can even save them significant sums in financial outlay, too.

Our press brake has specifically been designed to fold and bend metal with a lower level of power consumption than is standard. This means we can reduce costs compared to other metal folding equipment in use today, savings that we like to pass on to our customers.

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Expert Advice From Experienced Professionals

Our expert press operators along with our state-of-the-art equipment can produce all manner of sheet metal components. For fast, error-free bending, we use Bystronic ByVision a Bending user interface that offers intuitive ease of operation. A touch screen allows for the fast processing of both individual orders and extensive order lists. This enables us to offer the most competitive prices to our customers.

Metal Folding & Press Braking

See below some images of our team in action and some of our final products.

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